Session Recap - 8 July 2011

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Session Recap
8 July 2011
Start Date 20 March 1002
End Date 24 March 1002
Adventure Locations Redbridge, What the Earthquake Revealed
Previous Session First Session
Next Session 15 July 2011
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Participating Characters

Heimdalsgate, Illia Viran, Jalfrezi, Pan Oros, Rickard Hill, Therthyra Brutebeard

The Execution of Lia Garrion

The party arrives in Redbridge, ending their employment escorting of The Azure Caravan from Boccorit. As they enter the town, they are a drawn to a large crowd.

"Witnesses, attend me! The justice of Wee Jas is about to be served!" A man stands on a raised dais, a crowd arrayed before him. He is armored in dragon scales of a purple color and he rests a monstrous greatsword upon his shoulder. A woman, in tatters, is bound to a pole next to him. She has a mad look to her eyes.

"This is Lia Garrion! You know her crimes! Without regret, she admits to drowning her two children in the River Drearian! If there were any doubt that there is evil in this world, I present it to you in physical form on this day! This woman must be purged of her life!" This man is Mirrikh Tyrel, inquisitor of Wee Jas and justicar of Kandor. The man is usually without pity or mercy when meting out punishment, but he turns from the crowd to address the woman, speaking loud enough for the crowd to still hear.

"Lia Garrion, the Dark-eyed Lady has smiled upon you this day. She has permitted me to allow you to speak before she takes you into her embrace. Come, this is your final chance to show remorse for your crimes." The justicar cuts free her gag.

A stream of gibberish of no known language escapes from Lia's mouth. Suddenly, her eyes glow white and a forceful utterance escapes from her lips. A dozen azure bolts of arcane energy spring forth from her bound fingertips, striking Mirrikh directly in his chest. He nearly goes to one knee, but quickly recovers. In a single, smooth motion, his greatsword cleaves Lia's head from her body. The head bounces against the pole, but instead of turning end over end, the head maintains its orientation, staring intently into the crowd as it falls.

While the crowd watched on, Illia experienced something differently.

As the head of Lia Garrion falls, she stares into your eyes, searching. You feel a jolt, and your senses are pulled from your body. Your vision rushes southward from Redbridge, over various hills, streams, and plains. Your perception comes to a stop a few days walk away atop a large hill. The hill shakes violently, as a passage into the ground is formed on the side of the hill. Strange, steel-colored creatures emerge from the newly-formed passage. Their bodies are insectoid-like with a serrated spine going down their back.

Some of the gibberish of Lia Garrion becomes clear in your mind, "The blood of the Restorer flowed through their veins. I had to do it, before the cult found them..."

Illia's perception takes her south of Redbridge.

As the severed head of Lia Garrion hits the ground, the ground shakes violently as an earthquake strikes the area. Much of the crowd is thrown from their feet and screams can be heard from all over Redbridge. The cracking of timber and the shatter of glass fills the air. Only moments pass, but when the shaking stops, nearly every structure in Redbridge is damaged, excepting the Red Bridge itself. The frightened crowd disperses quickly, screaming about witchcraft, leaving you, the corpse of Lia Garrion, and Mirrikh Tyrel.

While the rest of the party rushes off to rescue trapped citizens and heal those in need, Pan Oros and Illia engage Mirrikh Tyrel in conversation. They ask him several questions about Lia Garrion's crime and her background, but he seems uninterested in answering them. He tries to leave town, but finds that his horse died during the earthquake. He checks into The Rusty Maid with plans to leave downriver towards Shoreside in the morning.

As the party helps the citizens of Redbridge, they speak with Sebastian Leolite, the head-priest of the Temple of Sun's Dawn, the sole temple in town. He details some further background on Lia Garrion that the justicar did not know. The party tries to convince him to approach Mirrikh Tyrel and ask for permission to cast divination spells on the body. Therthyra leads the discussion with Mirrikh Tyrel, but he refuses to turn over the body to the Pelorites.

With hopes of getting access to Lia Garrion's house, Rickard Hill and Illia discuss the situation with the constable, Tarn Gartharion. He's gruff at first, but he lightens up and shares various pieces of information with the party about Lia Garrion's background.

Sebastian Leolite leads a touching service in the evening for the 18 people who died as a result of the earthquake. After the service, Therthyra and Pan break into Lia Garrion's house, but find no further information.

Other party members meet back up with the constable, who allows the party inspect some of the effects that he seized from the Garrion residence. The only item of note was a flat stone statue of a six-armed humanoid.

The party decides to head towards the site in Illia's vision in the morning.

Travel Southward

The party travels southward.

On the third day of the journey south, the party is ambushed by the creatures from Illia's vision.

The Meeting of Fripplesnacks Fizzlesticks

As you top the hill, you spot a covered wagon in the distance. It appears to be beset by short, reptilian humanoids. The pony hitched to the wagon is fearfully trying to fight the creatures off. The owner of the wagon is not in sight, but the wagon itself is shaking as if there is a struggle taking place inside.

Illia rides her horse towards the wagon, but as she gets close, all of the assailants vanish.

A colorfully dressed gnome hops out of the back of the wagon, showing no outward sign that a moment ago he was under attack. His face lights up at the sight of the party.
"Why, hello! I'm Fripplesnacks Fizzlesticks! Pleased to make your acquantince, I am! You look like a well equipped troop, but if I do say so, I could make you better equipped! There's always improvement to be made to your gear, there is! But if gear is not what you need, I also sell information, I do! And, of course, you need any pots repaired or mending done, I can accommodate that too!"

Fripplesnacks Fizzlesticks proceeds to try to sell various items to the party, but fails to hawk any wares. After much discussion, he finally sells them a secret location to a druidic ruin that he came across in his travels in the wilds. He claimed that it appeared that it had not been touched in years. The gnome never acknowledged the kobolds who were attacking his wagon.

What the Earthquake Revealed

The party arrives at the location revealed in Illia's vision and proceeds to head down the passage.

The party engages additional creatures beneath the earth.
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