Session Recap - 3 April 2009

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Session Recap
3 April 2009
Start Date 18 March 1332
End Date 19 March 1332
Adventure Locations Tomb of Anastasia, Xalo
Previous Session 27 March 2009
Next Session 10 April 2009
Image:Session Recap - 3 April 2009.png

Participating Characters

Tristram Shandy, Taliesin Caradoc, Conhar Cowmilker, Saint Exquisite, Garthen Earthmender, Mikeal Orcaleone

DM Commentary

The commentary is a little lengthy and is more recap than commentary.

Tomb of Anastasia

The player characters headed off right away to the Tomb of Anastasia. The tomb itself was infested with various undead creatures: zombies, skeletons, corpse rats, deathlocks, and a spellstitched spellweaver skeleton. The party discovered a secret way into the lower levels of the tomb which appeared to have some strange puzzle-key mechanism to unlock the way further in. Past the puzzle-key, the party found the magical items that they had come for as well as another sealed door. This door had the same kind of redish-pinkish mist surrounding it just like a strange incorporeal creature that they observed on the first floor of the tomb. Upon touching the mist barrier, a dirate spirit coalesced and attacked the party. After defeating the spirit, the room was filled with the voice of Chronos.

Tread lightly, fools. You come for knowledge but knowledge will drive you mad. Let time consume what is forgot. Those who seek must not go forward blindly. Whose tomb is this?

The party fights against zombies and a corpse rat swarm outside of the Tomb of Anastasia.

A strange red/pinkish misty creature observes the party.

The player characters fight against skeletons and a deathlock at the entrance to the lower level of the Tomb of Anastasia.

One of the first of many wrong combinations.

The starting position of one of the puzzle-keys. The player characters saw this many times.

Return to Xalo

Necrotic Green Plumes

As the party re-entered Xalo, they noticed great necrotic green plumes roaring into the air north of the city. One of the locals determined that the plumes were probably in the area near the Greenwither Woods. The populace seemed a little anxious about the plumes but went about their work.

Offers of Employment

As the party entered the Buckets o' Beer tavern, Clarissa handed notes to the player characters. The notes offered invitations for employment with the Order of Libertas and the Order of Night's Breath. The notes did not give details on the jobs. The party was split on who they should work for.

Murder Most Foul

Upon entering Taliesin's office, Taliesin discovered his office ransacked. Additionally, Darrell's head and limbs were found scattered throughout the office.

PC Info

The Daromir Dispatch

June 17, 1227

Recently the city has been a buzz with rumor and misinformation regarding the abductions from the Dregamoar District in Xalo. For some weeks now, people have been coming down with a confusing illness in Dregamoar, and then disappearing shortly after coming down with the second stage of the sickness. The disease was characterized by a shortness of breath, a darkening around the eyes, and an incredible thirst. The second stage of the sickness entailed the victim to fall unconscious, but to have terrible nightmares.

Taliesin Caradoc, the famed Detective of Brewer Street in Xalo, accepted the charge of Magiarch Abructis and began to conduct an investigation into the disappearances. Lacking broad medical knowledge, a dwarf surgeon named Granby Winsum was assigned to help Caradoc on the case. After several days of exhausting investigation, Caradoc and Winsum, along with a contingent of magical law enforcement, discovered Professor Moriarte, from the Magical Academy in Xalo, conducting hideous experiments in necromancy in a forgotten sub-basement of the Academy. A terrible battle ensued, which caused extensive damage to the sublevels of the Academy, but Moriarte was disabled and brought to justice. Granby Winsum is believed to have died in the attack, and will be buried with full heroes honors.

Much of what was believed to be known about Professor Moriarte is likely to be fiction, told to the administrators at the Magical Academy in order to ensure tenure at the college. His students often described him as aloof, difficult to please, and malevolent. He rarely held classes, preferring to focus on his own research into the art of necromancy.

Taliesin Caradoc believes that he has found some true information about the criminal mastermind, and was kind enough to share some of his findings with the Dispatch.

"Professor Moriarte's real name, which was unknown prior to my investigation, is Peter Irons. He is the son of a deep dwarf and a drow, and he was abandoned in the city of Cauldron at a very young age. He was raised at an orphanage on Lantern Street in Cauldron. After the reaching the age of fifteen, he left the orphanage with a wizard who had promised to teach the boy the ways of the wizard. From here, the trail is lost for several years until his master was found dead, reanimated, and then killed again. There is more, but unfortunately I am unable to divulge any further misdoings of this individual until after he is brought to justice."

DM Info

DM:Session Recap - 3 April 2009

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