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The Island of Dira is a land steeped in myth. While most of the world believes that it exists, it is not locatable on any map. Those that have found their way there usually cannot find their way back if they leave, and those employing teleportation magics to get there often have unfortunate consequences. Those that have been there and come back have told tales of lush forests, rich waters, and high mountains, as well as the small, but ancient civilization that lives there. Many cultures' creation myths mention Dira as the place where life began.

The Diran Prophecy touches on the rise and fall of Marco the Enslaver, and mentions that the man responsible for his fall would come from Dira. Attempting to avoid the latter part of the piece, Marco spent much effort in locating the island and was successful in snuffing out the life that existed there. He magically veiled the island to make it even more difficult to find and set many traps and other defenses there to prevent any future settlement.

In -8, Mygrandin Antaloose arrived in Dira with several companions. He was able to discover the secrets of the island, avoid Marco's defenses, and restore life to the island. He later left the island and was the one to fulfill part of the Diran Prophecy and be responsible for Marco's fall.

Though many have gone searching for Dira in recent times, the last report from someone leaving Dira was in 832.

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