Daeron Elensar's First Impressions

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  • Lars Blaine - Funny little gnome. He didn’t really do much when we first started, and I started to wonder why he kept telling jokes. When we battled though, I found his jokes to be very heartening. Not great, but it WAS funny how bad they were…
  • Mazer Kitrye - Kind of surly. Talked a lot about bears. He seemed to spend a lot of time in the corner. Not sure about this guy.
  • Rymlli Flamebullion - A jolly dwarf. The only strange thing about him is that he keeps talking about someone named Max Hardcore. Not sure who that is, or if he may be joining us soon.
  • Bisquick - Doesn’t talk much. He says he has lost his memory. He keeps talking about our mothers, so I can only imagine that he misses the memory of his own…
  • Fagan von Feld - A mighty warrior. As we have rested I composed a song about him.
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