Session Recap - 20 July 2007

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Session Recap
20 July 2007
Start Date 14 February 1332
End Date 24 February 1332
Adventure Locations Shroudbase, Darkmoon Vale, Droskar's Crucible
Previous Session 14 July 2007
Next Session 28 July 2007
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Participating Characters

Bisquick, Daeron Elensar, Lars Blaine, Malic Citrate, Mazer Kitrye

Crown of the Kobold King

This session began as the party descended into the second level of Droskar's Crucible.


The floor of this yawning cavern is filled with gigantic stalagmites, some standing six feet in height.

The party descended through the crevasse in the foundry where they had defeated the Forge Spurned and were set upon by both a dire bat and a gargoyle. The creatures were initially hostile, but then exhibited very strange behavior, seeming to intentionally provoke attacks from the player characters by walking up and down the line of heroes.


After leaving the stalagmite chamber, the party would engage the Truescale Tribe in a series of drawn out and continuous conflict. It began as the the party entered an intersection.


Wave after wave of kobolds and slurks assaulted the party.


At some point, Lars got separated from the party and was set upon by a number of gnome-hating kobolds. Amazingly, he was able to fend them off and stall until the rest of the party arrived.


Fighting their way through the kobolds, the party came into contact with Merlokrep, the king of the truescale kobolds.

Here stands the Crawling Throne of Merlokrep. The Kobold King’s throne is crafted from the corpse of a monstrous centipede. The massive vermin is propped up against the wall here on a dais of stone blocks, its legs curling in around any who sit upon it like leveled arm rests. Merlokrep, first of his name, Dragon King of the Truescale Tribe sits here honing his bloody axe, Man-feller. He is flanked by his two most fearsome warriors, Myrmidons of the Truescale that are themselves clad in gilded armor, clutching their shortspears at attention.

Merlokrep hails you, "Welcome creatures of above. I offer you an honored place as Great Sacrifices to the Crown. If you only accept my generous offer, I will offer you a great feast before ripping you open and pulling out your hearts."

The player characters rejected the kobold king's offer and were met with heavy resistance as he struck out with magic missiles.


After a fierce fight, the party forced the king to flee, but it was not long before the party discovered that he was simply falling back to gather more myrmidons and bring the sorcerous powers of Jekkajak into the fray. Jekkajak split his attention between the party and preparing to sacrifice little Hollin Hebbradan. Merlokrep and Jekkajak were able to fell Bisquick in one round with their volley of magic missiles.


Eventually, the party won through.

As Merlokrep falls, he utters, "You may have defeated us Truescales, but something even more powerful waits in the deep-deep. The darkness will come for your people just at it did ours. Your end is written man-things. You are already dead."

Return to Shroudbase

As the party returned to Shroudbase, with all of the children rescued, they were lauded once against as heroes. Between their work in the Blackscour Taint scare and rescuing the abducted children, near everyone in Shroudbase had nothing but kindness to give the player characters. The party holed up for over a week, identifying their haul. As time passed, more and more of the thugs in the employ of the Shroudbase Mining Consortium began to glare at members of the party.

After the items had been identified, the player characters grew tired of waiting for Madame Losa and made preparations to leave town.

Undelivered Letter

The player characters decided to open Madame Losa's letter and read the following contents:

Madame Losa,

I hope you are safe when this letter arrives.

The Cabanites are on the move. A dozen of our agents in Sasserine, Kandor, and Celese have been seized. I fear for their fate, and that it will soon be my own.

Our secret war has gone on for far too long, but we must still fight on to the end. We must win. The time has come to unleash Princess Cathandra, for she will be the herald of our victory. You can find her in the Ruins of Kara Desolah. You know how to avoid the dangers that guard her. She will direct you in your next tasks.

Since is very likely that I will not be able to speak with you again, it is with great pain that I must impart the following:

You were not always a member of the House of Oquon. You had a life and children. Your two twin daughters were the most beautiful babes I had ever seen. You had a simple, but happy life as a seamstress and your husband was a carpenter. During your initiation, Lady Akanara stole away the memories of your old life. Our cause is right, Losa, but if you should wish to reconnect with your old life, you will find your family still alive in a small town in Kansama called Honora.

I wish you well. Trust in the princess. She will guide you true.


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Obtained Treasure

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PC:Session Recap - 20 July 2007

Player-submitted Commentary

This week's bonus XP question:

The party has decided to start the trip to the multicultural city of Melanora next session. What specific questions will you be asking there, in detail (if you have questions that depend on the answers to questions, list them if you can)? Will the answers to those questions affect your next move? If not, what are you going to urge the party to do next? In general, what things should I be preparing for as far as lore, adventure, character development and otherwise?


We have a bit of a list, if I recall. Let me see what I can come up with off the top of my head.

Alan would like to talk with a historian about the Marco Wars. While he can remember a fair amount, he would like more details surrounding the Cargs and how they were created, Marco's origins, and the banishing of the gods. He would also like to learn more of the history surrounding Mygrandin Antaloose and his band of adventurers, the Seven Pendants of Dira, and the Island of Dira itself. (Alan's mind seems to be slipping a bit, the knowledge checks he had previously made regarding Marco, Mygrandin, and the Pendants of Dira are no longer in his "email inbox" where they once resided.) He would also like to discreetly learn more about the Forshantir (specifically its history and any known powers), which it not mentioned in any of the histories he has read. Along a similar path, Alan is curious about the Church of Erythnul and their history since the return of the gods. That blackguard has him worried. Knowing your enemy goes farther than "they like destroying things." (Could Erythnul want to banish the other gods again?)

Along a different line of reasoning, Alan would like to know about this magical wooden sword the party has encountered. Neither of the priests in the party seemed to know which god such a weapon would belong to, or who this god of humility might be. Something about that sword makes Alan think there is more to it than meets the eye. Perhaps there are records of wooden swords as sharp as steel to be found? If Alan can determine which god such a thing belongs to, he would like to then learn as much as he can about this god. Did this god exist before the Marco wars? If so, is there any connection? Does this church still exist? If not, what happened to it? If so, where is it?

Following yet a different thread of reasoning, Alan would like to try and find out anything he can about the mysterious tower the party encountered. Who did it belong to? Are there any experts on forcefields who may know how to disable them? What could the party expect to encounter were they to find a way to lower the forcefield?

Alan really is a curious little gnome. He'd also like to research the histories of the notable magic items the party has found recently (the crown of the kobold king, the crazy sacrificial dagger, and the black iron fist). Do these items have any historical significance?

(Ah Ha! I knew I'd left something out!) Alan would also like to learn more about the people and places mentioned in the mysterious letter (Pretty much all the identifiable proper nouns encountered within. Also, would it be possible to get a copy of the various texts we've received in the wiki? They may provide more questions that we have as yet to answer.).


After Alan has stolen most of the good questions, Daeron still have a few he would like answered.

The Golden statue that he carries with him is still at the front of his mind. He'd like to take it to a sage (and perhaps an appraiser) to see what's so special about it. He's never bothered to check if it has any magical properties, so this seems as good a time as any to make a study of it.

Daeron would also like to know more about the history of orcish movements in the area. While everything concerning the Marco Wars is important, there is still the matter of swarms of orcs operating in the area. He'd like to know more about Scaun, and its significance in past invasions (more than what we've learned from local yokel historians, anyway.

Furthermore, I want to know about the overall government structure of the area. Is there a feudal system of some sort, or is this area part of a monarchy? Is there some manner of power organization that could provide aid in our struggles against the orcs?

While Alan asks about the tower, Daeron also wants to know about the Stronghold that we visited while out on patrol. What manner of creatures have been known to dwell there? Does it have any historical significance for this area?

Finally, Daeron would like to know more about bandit movements in this part of the continent. Since we've run afoul of some bandit camps, it might be helpful to know what kind of organization(s) (roving bands, a coordinated federation, perhaps some manner of bandit king?) are operating in the area that we frequent.


Bisquick does not even really want to go to Melanora except to sell shit. It may or may not advance the plot (as well as going anywhere else would). Melanora is, however, the first place the party will have gone with a sizable dwarven population. Bisquick will want to ask around to see if anyone recognizes him, and to ask about the Dairy Farmers and Merchants Guild (whom he is supposedly the property of). Other than that, Bisquick will want out of Melanora as soon as possible, as cities feel like a waste of time to him, for the most part. Bisquick still wishes to explore Neverfall and talk to the dwarves of Stormkeep.


Malic Citrate wishes to acquire information on Mekda Flamebullion (is he alive or dead, where can he or his grave be found, is he a famous figure or has no one ever heard of him). Malic may rely on Lars (flay the flesh off of his face lol) or another positive charisma party character to gather this information as Malic that realizes he is not the most charasmatic of individuals.

Malic wishes to also explore any magical healing that he isn't already familiar with. Hopefully questions on the subject will lead to the Pool of Healing.

If Malic happens to bump into an Eldritch Disciple (see above link) while in the city he might attempt to explore his eldritch potential.


Smashdor is interested in hearing any news of the Order he is so interested in joining. Besides that he also feels that it is necessary to gather all the possible information they can pertaining to the Erythnulite cults that have operated in the vicinity of the Dormantown region, particulary focusing on the uses of the Forshantir after the fall of Marco.

Beyond that, he is always interested in learning ways to prove his strength and aid the less fortunate in the area.

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