Session Recap - 14 July 2007

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Session Recap
14 July 2007
Start Date 12 February 1332
End Date 14 February 1332
Adventure Locations Shroudbase, Darkmoon Vale, Droskar's Crucible
Previous Session 6 July 2007
Next Session 20 July 2007
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Participating Characters

Bisquick, Fagan von Feld, Lars Blaine, Malic Citrate, Mazer Kitrye

Elara's Halfway House

The party began this session arriving at Elara's Halfway House, an orphanage eight miles outside of Shroudbase.

The blackened husk of the orphanage lies atop the hill. Charred timbers are strewn among piles of caked ash and the only edifice left standing is a soot-stained stone arch. A small stuffed doll lies below the arch, her face seared off and her patchwork dress spilling dirty stuffing. Beside her, a troop of half-melted tin soldiers stand in formation, their bodies twisted and deformed by the blaze that claimed their owner’s life.

After some time standing around the player characters searched the area for any clues. After some very thorough searching, a trapdoor leading below was found within the ruins. The party kicked in the door.

The stench of rot belches forth from this rank cellar. A chipped, blood-stained oaken table rests against one wall, with all manner of blades and barbed instruments laid out on it. A single pair of rusted shackles is bolted into the opposite wall, whose bricks are stained in a bloody account of pain and cruelty. The robed corpse of a woman on the floor is the source of the reeking stench of decay.

The body was being consumed by a swarm of spiders that, in addition to their mother, attacked the player characters. Upon investigation of the body, it was learned that the woman must have died sometime before the fire, as her throat was ripped out. On the table in the room, the party discovered two masterwork silver daggers and rotten bundle of wolfsbane. After spending the night in the area trying to figure out what to do next, a rail thin girl appeared who stated that she had survived the orphanage fire and that she had seen the kids that had gone missing. She lead the party to a small campsite not far from the orphanage. There they found a shredded tent, and signs of a struggle everywhere, including broken twigs, crushed foilage, scraps of clothing, patches of blood, and reptilian scales that were identified as kobold scales. Jeva, the girl, knew where the kobolds had taken the children and the party set off towards the old dwarven monastery that they had discovered just the other day.

Kardoblag the Hill Giant

As the party was traveling through the Darkmoon Vale, the party heard the crunching uprooting and smashing of trees right ahead of them. Before they could get out of the way and hide, a very large hill giant appeared before them, barely able to keep his balance. After some delightful conversation, the party learned that he was looking for his wedding ring (which he had taken off when he spotted a comely female amongst a group of ogres). Instead of going home to face his wife, he had been sucking down barrels of darkwood ale. After some time searching, the party was able to help the giant find the ring.

Into Droskar's Crucible

Below the dwarven monastery, the player characters discovered more recent construction dedicated to Droskar, an evil dwarven god of toil.


The level was infested with various creatures, including numerous kobolds. As the party explored the level, they discovered a journal:

...I warned Kemmrick: The secrets of the dwarves should remain beneath the ground, but he would not be placated. We’ve already lost Martren, and without his divine guidance we are truly lost in the dark. Monsters lurk in every shadow, but something worse jangles in the deep. I feel its evil from afar, like a blistering heat threatening to melt away my soul. The Dark Smith might be forgotten, but I fear one of his vile servants still prowls these halls, keeping the fires of Droskar burning for hundreds of years...

...…their shrieks tore my courage from me and left my heart cold. I don’t know what they did to me when their rancid-tasting lips locked on mine, but my thoughts jumble now, and my hair falls away in bloody clumps…if only Martren were here, he would know what sickness ails me and pray for my salvation. The only prayer I can muster is that this plague takes me before that hellish shackled servant of Droskar returns to drag me off in chains as he did Kemmrick. I still hear his screams in my mind.

...ears wet...thirst so thirst...lost in the dark...tongue gone now… itchy...face rot rot rot...blood tastes soon fly

In one chamber, the party found a massive anvil that had had a massive maul crudely attached to it. A dwarven skeleton lay atop the anvil, its skull crushed in by the maul. An obsidian tablet carved with a message was also found in the room:

Our people have lost their way. They flee the shelter of your great forges. Our fires dim, my master. We have failed you. No use to you here, I now come to you. I shall join you in the Black Forge, whether to serve at your anvil or stoke its flames with my soul.

After further exploration of the level, the party came across a halfling adventurer named Edgrin Galesong and eventually found 4 of the 5 children.

Image:Edgrin.png Image:Kimi.png Image:Savram.png Image:Jurin.png Image:Mikra.png
Edgrin Galesong Kimi Eavewalker Savram Vade Jurin Kreed Mikra Jabbs

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PC:Session Recap - 14 July 2007

Player-submitted Commentary

This week's bonus XP question:

What are your characters short term goals? Which of our many plot hooks does your character think he should focus on next and why?


Alan's main short-term goal is to save the chilluns. If I recall correctly, we have a couple more rooms on this floor to explore and then the kobold prison down below holds the last man-cub. After that, he thinks we should open the letter to Madam Exotic Hooker and see if it is worth delivering. If not, he thinks we should move on to the nearby elven city to see if they can shed some light on their growing list of questions. We still have no idea which deity this wooden sword is for, or what to do about the Forshantir. More information about both of these would be dandy. Also the Elven city is large enough for us to turn our excess magic weapons into cash. Alan has no intention on staying there any longer than he has to (stodgy elves are a buzzkill) as he would still like to get back to Dormantown and help out.

Neverfall would also be a tempting target in the medium-term. With all those undead walking around, there can't have been much looting of the treasures within. As soon as we're able, we should mount an expedition and see if we can't get in some good old-fashioned looting and pillaging.


Malic hopes to finish up the most recent rescue operation with minimal loss of life and party resources. If the need arises, he has no problem slaughtering one of the children to proc the Forshantir trinket and gain super sweet powers. He is very interested in getting back to the mining town for another go at those 1sp whores.

Malic is also busy thinking up new and intersesting ways to make sure that he gets the "last laugh" on Lars.

Malic would rather not ever venture back to Dormantown if he can help it, although an excursion to Neverfall in pursuit or Real Ultimate Power sounds pretty nifty. It is Malic's hope that he'll be able to attend to the hp restoration needs of the party during such an expedition. Malic is running dangerously low on CLW wand charges and wishes to seak out a replacement as soon as possible.


Bisquick's main short-term goal is to go to Stormkeep and talk to the dwarves there to see if any recognize him. He remembers that one dwarf did recognize him in Dormantown, but he is now dead. Bisquick wants to start finding out more about his past. Trying to save the world is all well and good, but he currently has nothing to save because he can't remember any of his life. Bisquick also wants to go to Neverfall to uncover some great dwarven artifacts. Bisquick may want to do other things, but cannot think of them right now.

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