Torvin Gallut

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Torvin Gallut
Race Human
Class Druid
Affiliations Order of Smashdor

PC Info


Torvin Gallut is a tall, muscular human, with long unkempt brown hair, and a bushy brown beard. He wears a breastplate of dragonscales, and carries a greatclub on his back.


Torvin Gallut is the first druidic member of The Order of Smashdor, and his place there is considered an experiment of Brother Stoute. During his earlier years, he accompanied Brother Stoute everywhere, learning the way of Smashdor and honing his own skills as Stoute's apprentice. After proving his strength and dedication, he left Stoute to make a name for himself, wandering around Loranon testing his own strength, trying to determine his own limits, and pushing beyond them where he could.


One of the reasons Brother Stoute took an interest in Torvin was that he is believed to be descended from a companion of Hanaur, one of the great Alric Stark's inspirations during his walk as the original Smashdor. Hanaur traveled with a druid by the name of Benkir Gallut. Seeing Torvin as the direct descendent of Benkir, Stoute took to his training with a righteous zeal.

Current Activity

Currently he is on Order business recruiting new members. Most recently he has encountered Fagan in Melanora, and after administering the boulder lifting test, gladly initiated him into the ranks of The Order of Smashdor.

DM Info

DM:Torvin Gallut

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