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Player Character
Fei-Hong Lei
Player Josh Smith
Affiliations Kame-Kai, Kame-Rettou Islands



Fei-Hong Lei was born on the Kame-Rettou Islands, nearly 27 years ago. He is the eldest son in a family of fishermen. He has grown up amidst a dark time for his people; their oppression by the Kyokushoku Clan of the mainland has been at an all time high for most of lei’s life. Lei has often wondered why his childhood hero, Hamato Yoshi, has not yet returned to the islands to save them from Oroku Saki’s tyranny. Yoshi left years before Lei was born. The former master of the Kame-Kai monastery intended to seek out perfection in his martial art, which had evolved as far as he thought possible on the islands.

Lei’s uncle, Fei-Hong Wong, had been the first to secede Master Yoshi. Wong, however, was at the time, suffering through the loss of his wife, at the hand of Kyokushoku Clan ninjas. This lead Wong to form an insatiable thirst for alcohol, and despite that, for a time, he seemed to be developing the next phase of Kame-Kai martial arts, but then as his alcoholism progressed, and became more public, he was banished from the islands.

This troubled Lei greatly, and weighed heavily on his heart. Far more interested in the lifestyle of a monk than a fisherman, Lei resembled his uncle much more than his father. Even after his uncle’s exile, Lei continued to implement what his uncle had taught him into his own fighting style, despite Master Usagi's attempts to sway him back to a more traditional approach.

The first term of the fishing season having just ended, Tatsu, a high ranking Kyokushoku Clan Lord, came to the Kame-Rettou Islands to collected the 'taxes'. Lei had been lost to his art this past turn, and had not helped his father much at all, thusly their numbers were low. Lei's father, Jun, attempted to barter with Tatsu, pleading for him to withhold taxation for another term. Tatsu struck Jun across the face, driving him to his knees with a single blow. An honorable challenge had been made, but Lei knew his father would simply submit to the samurai lord.

Lei ran to his father's aid, helping him up. He looked into Tatsu's eyes, "If the challenge were mine to accept, you would no longer be standing." Tatsu laughed at the young monk, "You have spirit, young man, but you are foolish. Perhaps taxing your cache of fish when it is so low would be cruel. I am a generous man. I will take the excess of taxes... out of her!" Tatsu grabbed the young woman clinging to Lei's arm, Shen Keiko.

Lei attempted to strike, and was immediately blocked and held by several of Tatsu's warriors. His father again began to plead, "Please Lord Tatsu, my son is not well. Please, take our fish, we will surely be prepared for your return."

Lei could not believe his father's disgrace, but Tatsu agreed, and dropped Keiko to the ground. Lei and his father argued all in to the night, of honor, and recklessness, protecting what is important, and standing up for what is right. In the end, despite Keiko's pleading, Lei chose to leave the islands, to find Hamato Yoshi and return, to bring back honor to his people, and free them from the honor less thieves that prey on them.

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