Session Recap - 11 January 2008

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Session Recap
11 January 2008
Start Date 7 July 1332
End Date 7 July 1332
Adventure Locations
Previous Session 4 January 2008
Next Session 8 February 2008
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Participating Characters

Short Summary

On the second attempt to invade the abandoned section of a Larethian temple, the party successfully obtained the Orb of Netherlind, which was used by the Erythnulite vampire to spread a strange form of contagious vampirism to the elven population. Daeron succumbed to the disease and escaped from the party before they could destroy him.

Internal strife within the party reached a new high, as Fagan attempted to once and for remove the Forshantir influence over Malic. He failed and split from the rest of the party, heading towards Arvandolan and Dormantown, after receiving a Sending from Rosa De'Elemon: "The orcs of Scaun have crossed the Formansoth. We have five days. Will you aid Dormantown?"

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