Session Recap - 8 February 2008

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Session Recap
8 February 2008
Start Date 7 July 1332
End Date 11 July 1332
Adventure Locations
Previous Session 11 January 2008
Next Session 22 February 2008
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Participating Characters

Short Summary

The party, minus Fagan and Daeron, attempted to leave town. They found a man named Daibhidh in the foreign district that knew a friend in town with teleport scrolls and convinced them to reenter the vampire-infested town.

Fagan made it to Arvandolan quickly and spoke with Jera Elvenwind about the spreading vampiric disease (though he did not speak with her about cleansing corrupted dirate). The religious orders in Arvandolan were already aware of the situation in Selatrath and knew which evil artifact had caused. It was revealed that it can be stopped by activating two magical locations simultaneously, the Heart of Fire in the central Cauldron Mountains and the Heart of Ice in the southern Spikeshroud Mountains. The elves were preparing expeditions to those locations as Fagan left towards Dormantown.

The main party teleported to Cauldron to resupply. Afterwards, they teleported into Arvandolan, where they were met with hostility as their evil artifacts triggered various wards and alarms. Before the elves could attack, the party teleported to Dormantown.

Defense preparations were underway in Dormantown. As the party was hailed for coming to Dorantown's aid, a worried Rosa De'Elemon asked after Fagan and Daeron, the co-conspirators. Upon learning of Daeron's state, she set about scrying and windwalking to recover him.

The main party decided to harass the incoming orcish army. After defeating a half-dozen patrols of orcs, they came upon the main host. As the party dropped dozens of orcs with their fireballs, the elite of the host attacked back, airdropping hill giants and launching a monstrous black dragon. The party felt doomed as the session came to a close.

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