Session Recap - 12 October 2007

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Session Recap
12 October 2007
Start Date 11 May 1332
(28 November 1331)
End Date 12 May 1332
(30 November 1331)
Adventure Locations Dormantown Area, Cauldron
Previous Session 5 October 2007
Next Session 19 October 2007
Image:Session Recap - 12 October 2007.png

Participating Characters

Bisquick, Daeron Elensar, Fagan von Feld, Alan Bree, Malic Citrate

Remembered Past

The session began with the party fleeing from Neverfall. Traveling through the Spikeshroud Mountains foothills, they came upon an old man.

The day is cool and the clouds above suggest rain will come soon. You are traveling in some of the rockier parts of the Spikeshroud Mountains foothills. Ahead of you stands a lone man, draped in the finery expected in a royal palace. He stares in your direction and seems to be waiting for you.

The party decided to approach the man, and when they did so, Fagan noticed that there was another person hiding amongst the rocks.

The old man looks to be in a good health and he raises his hand in greeting as you get within speaking distance. He fixes his gaze on Daeron and speaks, "Hello, Mr. Elensar. You have something of mine that I would like back now. You may recall my image, though you may not exactly remember who I am. Let me fix that for you now."

With a snap of his fingers and a motion as if he were using a key in a lock, Daeron, you feel a sharp pain in your head. As you recover from the debilitating pain, memories come rushing back. A forgotten past, remembered.

The Planning Session

Daeron's Remembered Past began on 28 November 1331.

Six people are seated around a small, circular table, engaged in conversation. The room is dark and only a few candles atop some maps on the table light their faces.

Image:Westin.png Image:Dirk.png Image:Summer.png Image:Edtrem.png Image:Mirwin.png Image:Daeron.png
Westin Dirk Summer Edtrem Mirwin Daeron Elensar

These people were members of the Last Laugh, a thieves guild that operates in the city of Cauldron. Included among the number was a potential recruit: Daeron Elensar.

Westin, the leader of the group, spoke of their mission. The market for secret-selling was drying up, and the Jesters thought that some form of competition had arrived on the scene. Westin and his groups of ne'er-do-wells were assigned to investigating the matter.

During the planning session, the group came up with a plan: they were going to become buyers of information and follow the trail of breadcrumbs to see if there really was a new player in town.

Enacting the Plan

Westin spent the day looking for someone to find some dirt on House Taskerhill, spreading the rumor that sometime soon they were going to ship some very highly valuable, very light weight merchandise out of the Cauldron Mountains. He looked for someone that could find out when and where this was going to happen. He fared poorly during the first half of the day, and ended up getting roughed up by some guards on the payroll of House Taskerhill when they got wind of what he was up to.

During the second half of the day, Westin changed his target, this time looking for information on House Lathenmire. This time he was successful, and got a bite from an independent rogue named Merrick. Merrick requested 1000GP up front to get the information. Westin told him that would he would return with the money.

As Westin and Summer worked on getting the significant amount of cash from Last Laugh stores, Dirk, Edtrem, Daeron, and Mirwin cased Merrick. They found him at a tavern where he was drinking with two of his buddies. Mirwin and Daeron set up sniping positions in the front and the back of the building while Dirk and Edtrem tried to get the mark drunk. After some time, Merrick and his thug friends left, only to be followed by the group.

At some point, Merrick noticed that they were being followed and instructed his friends to hide in dark allies to ambush their followers. A fight in the street ensued.

Daeron gets ambushed as flying daggers are thrown at him.

Dirk falls under the assault of the flanking rogues.

Merrick and his friends lost the battle. Merrick was kept from getting away by Edtrem, whose alter self spell went awry and turned him into a mephit.

The group took Merrick back to their safehouse where he was interrogated, Westin having to beat information out of him. He revealed that he was a middleman for a gnome named Jenkins. Jenkins was providing very good business for Merrick, and even while he was betraying him, he asked that he spare Jenkins, as he had a wife and child.

Westin and Merrick work out a deal where Merrick is going to purchase some information from Jenkins and lead the group to the transaction location.

During the Night

During the night, Summer slinked off to speak with Fredrico, the Jester in charge of the Last Laugh's spying and secret-selling operation. She spoke to him about Westin's plan and her concern that Merrick was going to run off with the guild's gold. Fredrico accepted Summer's warning and said that he would get involved. He declared that he would remove Westin from the operation if he could not be convinced in the morning.

Jenkins the Gnome

In the morning, Fredrico confronted Westin and through Westin's excellent diplomacy and charisma, was able to convince Fredrico that this was a good plan. Fredrico warned that he wanted more gold from shaking down the gnome and that if the 1000GP were lost, Westin's life would be forfeit.

Merrick leads the party to the meeting point with Jenkins, which appears to be Jenkins very own house. The snitch entered the home and began conducting the planned transaction that the party had agreed on. Behind him went an invisible Westin and Edtrem, while the rest of the party surrounded the building.

Towards the end of the negotiation, Merrick slipped away and Westin and Edtrem confronted Jenkins. Jenkins resisted and the group ended up knocking Jenkins out. The gnome turns out to be a member of the Magical Threats Agency, which appears to have been filled with corruption. The rogues abducted the gnome and brought him back to their safehouse. However, after reviving the gnome, he appeared to have lost much of his memory, including that of his work with the M.T.A. and his family.

The party found a note on Jenkins, which mentions that Kristoff Jenkinson, the priest at the Shrine of Pelor is marked for death as it appears that he is able to detect the M.T.A.'s sensors. The party dismisses the note for now.

Safehouse by the Lake

The rogues decided that something strange was going on and decided to hole up inside a different safehouse by the lake. In the middle of the night, they were attacked by numerous Displacer Serpents. They were not sure how to proceed, so they decided to visit Fredrico, who suggested that they visit Kristoff Jengensen, to determine what the link was with him and the corrupted M.T.A.

Displacer Serpents are let loose on the group.

Meeting with Kristof

At the first mention of some sort of strangeness going on, Kirstof Jurgensen hushed the group of rogues and led them down to a room that was sealed by a lead door.

Kristof was very open with the rogues, and revealed that he had been seeing scrying sensors popping up everywhere throughout the city. Through the sensors, he often sees an old man sitting in a room clutching a small statue of a man holding a blazing sun. He believes that the statue is some sort of focus for the what the old man is doing and he recognizes the style of the room as that belonging to the government building.


The group of rogues easily infiltrated the government building that houses the Magical Threats Agency. However, the old man that Kristof Jurgensen spoke of was waiting for them. A fight broke out, with the old man summoning numerous amounts of astral constructs and casting attack spells. As he ran down the street, the scene shifted back to the present day.

As the fight went on, Daeron was able to obtain the statue of the man holding a blazing sun and burst out a window.

The group infiltrates a section of Magical Threats Agency building.

Moro attacks the group as they steal the statue.

Back to the Present

As Daeron stands from the debilitating pain, Moro continues. "As I was saying, you have something of mine, Daeron Elensar, and I would like it back now."

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