Session Recap - 19 October 2007

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Session Recap
19 October 2007
Start Date 12 May 1332
End Date 12 May 1332
Adventure Locations Dormantown Area, The Mysterious Tower, Droskar's Crucible
Previous Session 12 October 2007
Next Session 26 October 2007
Image:Session Recap - 19 October 2007.png

Participating Characters

Bisquick, Daeron Elensar, Fagan von Feld, Alan Bree, Malic Citrate

Showdown with Moro

As I was saying, Daeron Elensar, you have something of mine and I would like it back now.
So you want me to give you back your statue…
Yes, hand it over.
…so that you can continue spying on the people of Cauldron.
Yes, indeed, it will allow me to control Cauldron totally. Now hand it over or you will die.
I don't think I can allow you to do that.
Hand the statue to me.
That government's corrupt anyway. Who's to say that he's any worse?
I don't think that I will be handing anything over.
In that case, sir, it is time for you to die.

Moro attacks the party.

Moro began the fight by surging sixty feet up into the air and surrounding himself with some type of protective sphere. The party attempted to attack him from range, but all failed except Daeron, whose arrows were able to penetrate the protective shield. Attempts at dispelling Moro's spells failed, as the magical energies seemed to be absorbed by a rod at Moro's side.

Daeron threatened to destroy the statue as it looked as if the party would not be able to defeat him. Moro simply laughed at him as he held the statue ready to bash it against a rock.

Moro's attacks consisted of summoning astral constructs, hails of red crystals, and controlling player character bodies.

Astral Constructs attack the party.

Dirk and other rogues from the Last Laugh reveal themselves as dominated servants of Moro and attack the party.

Jordan's Cellar

After a fierce fight with the astral constructs, Moro says, "You think you have hurt me, Daeron Elensar, but it my turn to mindfuck you all." His arms swing back and as he swings them forward, five 2-foot long spear-like crystals come flying at you. Each of these spears come straight at your heads, pierce through them, and every thing goes dark.

Your perception comes back with the most splitting headache you have ever had in your entire life. It feels as if something has pierced your brain. You are standing in what appears to be a cellar of some sort; there are casks and barrels throughout. In the center of the room there is an altar and on top of rests a foot-long tetragonal, glowing red crystal. On the bottom half of the crystal is a twisted piece of black metal that acts as a stand. Behind the altar is a very, very scarred man; he's got a very deep scar that goes down the right side of his face. He is wearing dark full-plate and wields a monstrous greatsword. Nearly every second, a patch of red mist comes flying through the walls and enters the crystal upon the altar.

The player characters revisit their past.

What is this…? You wield my blade, barbarian.
I believe last time, you said, "All I want is for you to leave."
I think I am going to take that back, no matter what I said the last time you took my blade. Obviously that was the wrong thing to say. This time I want you to die.

The party engaged the Blackguard, this time without the benefit of Shadow Surge. As the battle began, the Forshantir upon the altar shattered into many shards, forming into Forshantir Spirits, which attacked both the party and the blackguard.

Mission for the Order of the Phoenix

Another of Daeron's memories returned to him.

"Listen to me, Daeron!" Daeron finds himself in a lavish room where he is sitting in a very comfortable chair. A very nice oak table separates you from a number of people. Above the oak table is a dais, with a desk. A man sits at the desk, wearing a ceremonial breastplate with a bursting sun emblazoned on it.

The man, Trejan Langedon, the mayor of Cauldron, continues, "If they find out if you have any connection, to me or to the Order of the Phoenix, they will do more than just kill you. They will make you suffer. Listen. You have to become one of them. And this is what I mean. I believe you to be a good person, but you will have to take to their ways. They will need to see you as ruthless as any man they have seen before. If you must leave men behind, then leave men behind. If they make you kill someone, then you kill someone. You have to make them trust you. So go make yourself available. The Last Laugh will need to recruits; they have lost many of their members this year. You will infiltrate them and you will learn what they are up to."

As Trejan's words sink into your head, your perceptions shift once again.

The Battle with Moro Continues

The player character's perceptions returned to the battle with Moro. He continued his assault on the party, this time summoning a swarm of displacer serpents.

Displacer Serpents attack the party's rear flank.

Return to Droskar's Crucible

After the last displacer serpent falls, Moro shouts, "Enough of this!" and his crystal spears pierce your minds again. You find yourselves in a ruined dwarven monastery, looking into the eyes of a large-sized Worg. "Who are you creatures?" it asks. "I am quite hungry. I could use some dwarf."

The player characters face another battle from their past.

Aranessa's Whereabouts

As the final Forshantir Spirit is slain, your perceptions shift once again. A forgotten memory is remember for Daeron.

Daeron, you are standing in the streets of Cauldron. You have a couple of your Last Laugh buddies around you. They have been showing you the ropes of how things work in the guild. They have been feeling you out to see if they are interested in recruiting you. You are playing them very well. As you talk to them, you are bowled over as an entire person bolts into you. You can hear the soft sobbing of a woman. She steps back from the embrace for a moment, tears streaming down Aranessa's face. "I can't believe I found you. I have been looking for you for so long." She hurls herself into Daeron as his perception shifts... "Never leave me again."

More Moro

The battle continued to wage with Moro as the player characters perceptions returned to the present. As the battle continued, Malic's backpack burst into flames. As the backpack burned, the Forshantir slipped out of the pack, landing perfectly on its stand. From out of the evil artifact, numerous Forshantir Spirits appeared. As the spirits began moving towards the party, Moro once again sent his mindfucking crystal spears into their minds.

Forshantir Spirits invade the present day.

Battle at the Mysterious Tower

The player characters perceptions presented a scene of The Mysterious Tower before the Winter of No End.

Natala Silkwater and her polar bear attack the party at The Mysterious Tower.

The Death of Kinnderly Bearsh

Daeron remembered another forgotten memory, though it did not appear to be his own.

Before you stands an immense fortress with thousands of cargs and hundreds of Spellweavers standing between you and it. As you rain hundreds of arrows down on the amassed army, you catch a glimpse of Mygrandin. He works to ward off the fiery destruction that the Spellweavers are unleashing. You feel a pang of jealousy; you can see it in his eyes, that he knows he will see Lanae again soon. The earth explodes beneath you and you are hurtled into the air. Even as you fly, you loose arrows into the enemy. You pass through Mygrandin's spell barrier. You hear his voice one last time as bolts of acid, electricity, fire, and frost come darting towards you, "Kinn!!!!!! No!!!!!!!"

The Last Breaths of Moro

As the player characters return to the present, Moro mocks them as the Forshantir Spirits gather.

"I know not what evil that is, but I did not bring it upon you... This, however, I am responsible for." In the air in front of Moro, a woman appears. Aranessa falls sixty feet to the ground. She stands up from her fall, and begins casting a spell. A fireball is let loose within the party as she stares off blankly in the distance.

At the sight of Aranessa, Daeron gained the Power of Kinn, imbuing his arrows with acid, electricity, fire, and frost. As Daeron fired arrows at Moro, the Forshantir Spirits flew at his protective shell, bursting it. Moro fell out of the sky as numerous arrows pierced his body. The party subdued Aranessa.

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