Session Recap - 5 October 2007

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Session Recap
5 October 2007
Start Date 2 May 1332
End Date 11 May 1332
Adventure Locations Neverfall
Previous Session 29 September 2007
Next Session 12 October 2007
Image:Session Recap - 5 October 2007.png

Participating Characters

Bisquick, Fagan von Feld, Alan Bree, Malic Citrate

Neverfall, Level 1

The party explored the rest of the first level of Neverfall, taking a total of eleven days to complete it. Four quarter cylinders were discovered to be the key to opening the entrance to the second level. They were protected by devious traps and riddles; one puzzle involved counterspells, taking four days to figure out.

The player characters face a horrifying ghost guarding the entrance to the second level. His azure tendrils teleport away anyone they touch.

Ghouls swarm Fagan after he is telported away from the party.

Bisquick faces the telportation welcoming committee.

Neverfall, Level 1 complete!

Neverfall, Level 2

After resting for a day, the player characters delved into the second level of Neverfall. As they descended, the party discovered a potent relic named the Mace of Neverfall.

At the bottom of the stairs, the player characters found themselves in a large natural cavern. Tunnels darted off in various directions and a number of a buildings of dwarven construction could be seen. Ghosts were seen flitting about the cavern, though none of them appeared to be hostile. The party nonetheless avoided the apparitions and made their way to one of the buildings.

Upon opening the door to the first building, the party was greeted to the sight of a dozen shadows sitting at a feating table. Instead of investigating further, the party decided to shut the door right then and book it out of Neverfall. On their way out they discovered an old journal entry:


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