Session Recap - 8 September 2007

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Session Recap
8 September 2007
Start Date 16 April 1332
End Date 18 April 1332
Adventure Locations Ice Fortress
Previous Session 31 August 2007
Next Session 15 September 2007
Image:Session Recap - 8 September 2007.png

Participating Characters

Bisquick, Daeron Elensar, Fagan von Feld, Alan Bree, Malic Citrate

Exploring the Ice Fortress

The player characters began the session at the entrance to the second level of the Ice Fortress. They were set upon by numerous assailants, including rangers that Rosa De'Elemon later identified as members of the Thorlonian Circle.

The party comes under immediate attack.

One of the rangers opens a door to a room full of ice beasts. Ciclya Derandin closes the door before they can get through.

Ice beast reinforcements attack the party.

Party members brace against an attack of ice beast wolves.

Ice beast lions break into the room.

Andrew Ward shares his frustrations after Bisquick is engulfed by an ice beast polar bear.

The Thorlonian Circle

After the initial battle, Rosa De'Elemon shared some information about the organization that they were going up against.

Orgins and Background

The Circle started as an offshoot of the good-aligned circles of the Elvareen Woods. Certain individuals became frustrated with the way the humans were encroaching upon nature in the area and were prepared to take drastic measures to stop them. This movement eventually became the Thorlonian Circle.


The ultimate goal of the Thorlonian Circle is to drive out all civilization from the Dormantown Area so that nature may take over once again.


The leadership of the Thorlonian Circle is a council of five druids called the Five Trees. Of these five, a leader is chosen and is called the High Oak. The current High Oak is actually a fiendish oak treant named Mossoak.

Membership is not limited to druids, and any who wish for mother nature to take over the Dormantown Area are welcomed, so long as the prospective member has it within themselves to do murder upon the Circle's enemies.

Enemies and Allies

The Circle counts all of the settlements in the Dormantown Area amongst its enemies, but is especially focused on Dormantown itself as the townsfolk continue to cultivate the land and harvest Coranth Woods. The good druids of Elvareen Grove are not outrightly hostile to the Thorlonian druids, but they do strive not to interfere with each other; they share goals, just not agreement on the proper means.

Continuing to Explore the Ice Fortress

The party continued to explore the level and fought against a number of hostile encounters, including rangers and druids of the Thorlonian Circle and bear-like humanoids identified as Urskans. The player characters eventually encountered pieces of blue sphere that were identified as parts of key.

The party bests a puzzle involving a life-sized chessboard and ice statues

After combining the two sphere pieces, the party opened a door in the northern section of the level and were greeted by a frost giant and two winter wolves.

The player characters learned that the frost giant was sympathetic to the druids' aims, but was not exactly a member of their organization. He was not initially hostile, and spoke with the characters at length, while they tried to plead with him to abandon his post of guarding the upper level.

Throughout the conversation the winter wolves conversed about the merits and flaws of cooking gnome before eating it.

In the end, the party decided to back down from the encounter, and retreated from the room.

The party encounters a frost giant and two winter wolves.
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