PC:Session Recap - 25 August 2007

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[edit] Fagan's Thoughts

As I finished my struggle with the Shadow Fever I had developed on the Shadow Plane, I became anxious to return to Dormantown, news of the blizzard disturbing me greatly. After a brief discussion, I managed to convince the others with me that we needed to at least make an attempt to save my family. The only two that dissented where Malic and Mazer. Not terribly surprising. I know many of my companions wish to travel afar and gain new strength and power. I will gladly accompany them, if only the fates would leave my homeland be. I could not live knowing that lust for power caused me to fail in defending my friends and family.

Still, we made our way up through Elvareen, skirting past Arvandolan. We came to Jaliveth, where we found nearly a legion of refugees from Dormantown. I wanted to go in myself, but I abided by the parties wishes to send in Alan as scout. He had heard no news of my family. I grew even more concerned.

We struck out North, to Dormantown. The unnatural climate slowed our travel, and though through magic I was shielded, the harsh site hurt my soul. Our travel was safe, though we did fell a group of Ogre Zombies we came across.

Dormantown was a sad sight. We quickly were ushered to meet with Nicoli, Rosa, and Iladan. They brought word of a fortress of ice to the north. Unfortunately, they said they knew nothing of my family. I hope they are safe.

They also said that a messenger brought a letter to me. As I read it, I discovered it was a reply from Brother Barnaby himself. Word that Aenlyss was missing disturbed me greatly. I did not have the time to finish the letter there as Rosa's fury distracted me. Apparently my "companion" Mazer demanded compensation in order to save the lives of the Dormantown people. My stomach turned at the thought. I promised that I would serve the people of Dormantown without extracting what little they still had from them.

The arguement died off, but I fear there is a schism there that will only continue to manifest. Still, the next day our party along with Rosa, Iladan, Celiso, Grilia, Ciclya, and Eli, made our way to the Fortress of Ice.

We attempted to enter at all three entrances, but perils lay in every path. At the southern entrance, Rosa divined that she could use a spell on me to offer protection from the Towers lightning. All I would need to do then is Smash them down. It was a great way to blow off some pent up anger.

After destroying the towers, we made our way westward, only to encounter a large group of snow wolves. The battle was fierce, but our allies certainly proved their worth. Grilia and I especially worked together at defeating multiple wolves.

Still, we moved onward, only to face another challenge. Mazer managed to prove his worth, conjuring forth a large beast to crush our enemies. It proved most effective.

Now we press on, deeper into the cold darkness of this citadel. I hope that we will be able to stop this winter before more innocents must die.

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