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[edit] Bisquick's Thoughts about Shadows Over Knowledge

Bisquick was quite distressed when he found out that the party was going to Melanora. Bisquick wanted to go hunting the undead Dwarves in Neverfall, the Dwarven Hall. However, once the party reached Melanora, Bisquick was able to find out if anyone there recognized him. Unfortunately, no one did. Also, Bisquick met some Dwarven Defenders guarding the Sharlrock Sentinels' barracks. Bisquick does not know just yet if the Sharlrock Sentinels are right for him, but he does not want to burn any bridges. If he does want to become one of the Sharlrock Sentinels, he must slay an ogre or a giant, and bring back proof. Additionally, Bisquick was able to obtain some awesome magical items. He was able to enchant his Shadow Touched Dwarven Waraxe with a +1 enchantment, and he was able to obtain a Lesser Crystal of Acid Assault, and a Ring of Protection +1. Also, a suit of Full Plate +1. Bisquick feels like he is in the money.

After Bisquick was done asking if anyone knew him, he went with the rest of the party to the Mage's District. There, they met with a Loremaster. Bisquick does not particularly like Loremasters, as he would rather be out doing something than sitting and listening to some bookish woman talk about history. If Bisquick had had his druthers, he would have had the Loremaster try to touch the area of the Forshantir that contained the Pendant of Dira right away, instead of after a day's worth of talking about Mygrandin Antaloose and other such nonsense. The adventures that the party shared in the mysterious shadow plane were some of the best that Bisquick had ever experienced. Bisquick especially liked killing the Carg, though he did feel that the Carg was holding back. Intuitively, Bisquick felt that Cargs should have 20 ft. reach, rather than 5 ft. reach. Bisquick felt lucky, considering.

[edit] Malic Citrates Thoughts about Shadows Over Knowlege

Malic enjoyed The Disorderly Dwarf. He hopes that they can spend even more time there in the future. They even have a bar wench or two that he wouldn't mind fucking in the ass.

Malic is glad to hear that Mekda is still alive. If the party goes north again, he may ask about him. Malic did not like the nosey bitch touching his Forshantir. He liked it even less when they found themselves back in the shadow plane again. Malic really enjoyed smashing skeletons. A+++ would smash again. Malic really hated fighting spell-stiched ghouls. He doesn't like dying. Cargs suck. Malic wishes he were stronger so that he could smash cargs the same way he can smash skeletons.

Malic is proud of the way he was able to help his loud friend fight off the Shadow Fever.

[edit] Lars' Thoughts about Shadows Over Knowledge

While some of the others seemed bored with the sheer amount of information provded, Lars found it entirely refreshing. This adventuring business seems to involve a lot of running around blindly and beating people like pinatas to get the treasure out of them, so actually learning a lot of the facts surrounding some of those meat-pinatas was cathartic. He was a bit disappointed that the Loremaster knew little more than him in several areas related to the Marco Wars, you'd think that these knowledgeable people would have saved more about one of the most significant events in the history of the world. Then again, this wasn't really her specialty, only a hobby. Perhaps a Historian could have shown them more yet. Part of Lars would very much like to visit Selatrath, as it is the real knowledge center in this area of the continent. Perhaps there is something to this Loremaster stuff too, Lars is starting to think he might enjoy such a thing, collecting information all day, tucking bits away for when they are useful.

[edit] Daeron's Thoughts on Shadows Over Knowledge

I wrestled for quite some time to make a decision regarding leaving Dormantown for Melanora. The orcish threat, the indentured servitude that the miners faced, and the supernatural blizzard all point to a troubled area. But in the end, there is no knowledge that is not power, and learning more about our situation seemed prudent. I also thought I'd be able to glean some information about my own problems.

The hobgoblin attack was unfortunate. Personally, I don't think that anything wrong was done on my part. When I saw an evil creature spying on myself and my companions I did the obvious thing- removed the threat. While I don't condone what happened after that, I will not turn myself in for trying to protect my friends.

The trip was, for the most part uneventful, but two things have been troubling to me. The first was the sighting of the frosty constructs. I fear for the people of the Dormantown Area. Not only are there unnatural heavy snows, but beasts of frost and snow stalking them on their very own plains.

The second troubling event happened in the forest. We came across a body which had been ravaged by some unknown disease. The poor soul looked like they had been in terrible pain before they died, and the body looked truly gruesome. I can only hope that Malic's investigation of the body will not prove harmful in the future.

The information that we received from Elanora Silverleaf was surprising in some places. The fact that Marco seemed otherworldly was new information, and I must admit made me a bit afraid. Luckily he was banished from this world long ago. The information on the remaining pendants was also intriguing. The descriptions of our enemies made me take note of the words of Patrick again, "You must grow stronger."

[edit] Fagan's Thoughts about Shadows Over Knowledge

It's really exciting. I wasn't really looking forward to this trip to Melanora at first, but I'm really glad we came. Finally, after 3 years of preparation, and several months of death defying adventure, I am a member of the prestigious Order of Smashdor. Meeting Torvin Gallut, proving my strength to him, getting the stone, was one of the proudest moments of my life. I seemed to impress him with my strength.

Talking to Elanora was as enlightening as it was expensive. I must admit though, it was certainly worth it. We learned a great deal about what we were dealing with. The warning of the wars that would break out over a single Pendant of Dira really bothered me. I never really thought much about the little stone that bore into my chest. I will have to be very careful about revealing it to anyone. The news of Patrick's fall in battle also bothered me. How could he have possessed The Life Pendant of Dira if Elanora claimed that Mygrandin Antaloose had it until he died? Perhaps this was one of the many inaccuracies historians have. It's a bit incredible how much knowledge we've learned that's been lost forever.

Lars was the one leading the discussion, but he's always been very mistrusting of people. I normally defer to his discretion, but after all that Elanora had divined from our questions, it only felt right that she knew of our encounter with Patrick. I'm glad we informed her, because it may give her some piece of insight while she continues to study these matters for us.

I wasn't too thrilled to be returned to the inside of the Forshantir. The creatures inside are just as terrifying as a before. After Bisquick melted the door with his acidic axe, we fell pray to a variety of terrible undead. Twice I almost died. I have a habit of making it through the most incredible encounters. We survived though, and after putting our heads together discovered a way into the mysterious mansion, only to meet a powerful Carg warrior. With incredible strength I tore through the Cargs defenses, but alas my strength alone was not enough. I fell quickly to the Carg's vicious attacks. I was awoken moments later to see most of my comrades dying. I took my sword and with all the strength I had left, thrust it into his side, finally killing him.

We were returned to Elanora, and told her of what happened. She gave us her assurance she'd continue to look into these matters. She also revealed that we had found a most powerful weapon: A Halberd that is designed to destroy Cargs. As the member of the party that used two handed weapons, it was entrusted to me.

I’m glad I came to Melanora, but I’m also anxious to go home. The news of the Blizzard still happening worries me greatly. I hope nothing has happen to my family.

[edit] Mazer's Thoughts about Shadows Over Knowledge

With every passing day, things seem to spin and spiral out of control. I feel as though I'm just bird swept up in a hurricane of fate. Ever since I first arrived in Dormantown to deliver this odd little package, events have been entirely beyond my control.

Just this past week, the situation got even stranger as we learned about the history of the Cargs and the sorcery of Marco. I feel as though we're following in the footsteps of great heroes before us, but it somehow seems a lot less adventurous than I had imagined. Most of my time is spent being absolutely terrified, which I suppose is not something they ever tell in the tales -- there's no inspiration to hearing about a group of heroes that is scared shitless, bleeding to death every other day. It is far grander to hear about the successes, or the noble tragedies of a mighty warrior. I suspect that there are far more stories left untold about adventurers that get in way over their head and immediately get killed on their first outing.

At least in that respect, we've been lucky so far. This last encounter with the sudden entry into the Forshantir followed by the ghouls and the Carg has me extraordinarily worried though. If we can simply be plucked out of the material plane, transposed into the realm of shadows, be beaten half to death, and immediately reappear in an lorekeep's hovel -- what else could possibly happen?

I'm caught up in something that I can't stop, and don't want to stop, but by the Gods...I'll be far more on my guard from here on out.

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