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<span class="plainlinks" style="margin:2px;">[http://{{SERVERNAME}}/index.php/The_Fall_of_Night]</span> <span class="plainlinks" style="margin:2px;">[http://{{SERVERNAME}}/index.php/The_Fall_of_Night]</span>
<span class="plainlinks" style="margin:2px;">[http://{{SERVERNAME}}/index.php/Whispers_of_Tirathis]</span> <span class="plainlinks" style="margin:2px;">[http://{{SERVERNAME}}/index.php/Whispers_of_Tirathis]</span>
 +<span class="plainlinks" style="margin:2px;">[http://{{SERVERNAME}}/index.php/Prophecies_of_Dira]</span>
== World Information == == World Information ==
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* [[House Rules]] * [[House Rules]]
* [[Social Contract]] * [[Social Contract]]
 +== DM Stuff ==
 +* [[Quick Names]]
== Miscellaneous == == Miscellaneous ==
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*[[Campaign Timeline - Whispers of Tirathis]] *[[Campaign Timeline - Whispers of Tirathis]]
*[[Party Summary]] *[[Party Summary]]
 +===Recent Sessions===
 +*[[Session Recap - 1 June 2012]]
 +*[[Session Recap - 25 May 2012]]
 +*[[Session Recap - 18 May 2012]]
=== Northern Kandor Information === === Northern Kandor Information ===

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Campaign Information

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Northern Kandor Information

Northern Kandor lies in the northwestern section of Loranon. It is a relatively newly settled area that is populated mostly by races that arrived in Loranon during the Age of Recovery. Though the citizens of the young nation revere law and order, the chaos of the vast tracts of countryside cause a balance that the druids of the Kharadin Woods appreciate. The area is rich in lumber and ore, and farmers thrive in the patrolled areas near settlements.


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