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Session Recap
8 June 2007
Start Date 22 January 1332
End Date  ???
Adventure Locations Dormantown, Mysterious Shadow Plane
Previous Session None
Next Session 15 June 2007
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Participating Characters

Bisquick, Daeron Elensar, Fagan von Feld, Fei-Hong Lei, Lars Blaine, Mazer Kitrye, Rymlli Flamebullion, Tucker Bloodstone

Session Summary

Welcome to Dormantown. You've all arrived in this small town for a variety of reasons. The weather is bitterly cold and few people travel the streets as a light snow falls from the dark sky. The mood of the people is subdued, if not depressed. Little hope can be seen in these people's faces and the level of fear is palpable.

This was the first session of the Shadows Over Loranon campaign. It started with an introduction of each of the Player Characters, where we learned that many of them are being hunted by powerful forces. Before the main events of the session unfolded, the following rumors were circulating throughout Dormantown.

  • The mayor, Nicoli Aserteak, plans to take drastic measures to increase the safety of Dormantown. Increased patrols have been sent into the countryside and increasing numbers of ordinary citizens are receiving militia training.
  • Rosa De'Elemon has cloistered herself at the Shining Light to make magic weapons and armor. Dreman Testeron is responsible for services in her stead.
  • Ned Reazin's son has gone missing. They say he was last seen headed out the Shroudbase gate.
  • Croshin Gormon is a weird one alright. They say his basement is full of them bones from the undead dwarves from that Neverfall place.

As many of the player characters were orienting themselves to the town, it came under attack by bloodthristy orcs.

A shrill cry is heard from the eastern part of town and is soon followed by the tolling of many bells throughout the town. Before you can get a bearing of what is going on, you see balls of fire let loose from the catapults atop the eastern wall. Shouts of "Orcs!" are heard throughout the town and militia men pop out from various homes and businesses, weapons in-hand and armor hastily donned.

All of the player characters but for Tucker Bloodstone and Fei-Hong Lei rushed to the defense of the town. Lars Blaine and Daeron Elensar climbed to the top of the wall and fired down upon the orcs that were trying to batter the gate while the rest of the defenders attempted to keep the gate from breaching.

Tucker and Lei attempted to defend the women and elderly that were present at The Strong Boar by boarding up the doors and windows and escorting the patrons into the cellar.

After a time, a call came from the north of town about the orcs breaching one of the weak spots of the wall. All of the characters except for Daeron moved off to assist in the defense at this location.

A gruesome large-sized orc comes charging into you. He is literally frothing at the mouth and various scars cover his lightly-armored body. A glowing ruby replaces his right eye, and half of his orc double-axe crackles with electricity while the other half burns with fire.

Between this beast of an orc and its companions, all of the player characters at the northern wall were slain. Shortly after, Daeron was pierced by numerous arrows, ending his life.

At The Strong Boar, one of the elderly men grew afraid for his life after Lei fumbled with his diplomacy skills and opened the front door, allowing three of the attacking orcs to come in. The man was struck down, as Tucker and Lei fought to defend the rest of the women and elderly. They too were not lucky enough to live.

Thousands of needles rip across your flesh. Acid burns away the remaining skin down to your bones. Blows from rocks crack and break your bones, eventually being ground to dust. Even when there can be nothing left of your body, the pain continues. You are lacerated. You are beaten. You are burned. After an eternity of pain, you begin to regain awareness. Slowly, you recognize shadowy gray figures standing around near you. You hear no sound, but as they figures become clear, you see them screaming in agony. You feel yourself screaming. No one moves. They stand there, some clenching their eyes shut so hard, they are bleeding. After a time, you remember how to move. Suddenly, a massive slug made of pure shadow appears within the group. You feel its hunger as a gaping maw opens dripping liquid shadow and begins to swallow whole the poor souls who haven't figured out how to move yet. You regain your hearing, and you hear the screams of consumed souls as the shadow slug turns to you.

Instead of appearing on the Fugue Plane as petitioners waiting to be taken away to their respective afterlives, the player characters found themselves in some sort of Mysterious Shadow Plane where shadow slugs consumed Dormantown citizens. The players were able to get away from the shadow slugs and take refuge in a shadowy cave. Upon investigation of the cave, they came across their own dead bodies and found various weapons wreathed in cool shadow-flame. Deeper into the cave, the party encountered a number of other shadow creatures, including Shadow Kruthiks and Shadow Ghouls. The cave eventually formed into a worked stone area where the party worked through some strange locking mechanism based upon a color puzzle (complementary colors, sillies!).

The players have revealed the following contents of the Cave of Shadows:


Player-submitted Commentary

This week's question: What are your first impressions of the other player characters?

PC Info

PC:Session Recap - 8 June 2007

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